Aiden's Itchy Back

Aiden's Itchy Back is about a ticklish grizzly bear who has to rely on the kindness of his forest friends to relieve the itch in the middle of his back.


"Aiden's Itchy Back is a fantastic children's book written by a warm and caring author. A sweet story with lovable characters that teach us a simple act of kindness is all it takes to create new friendships. Wonderfully illustrated and an engaging story make this a must-have book to share with children of any age. It is especially wonderful having the book presented and read by the author herself who has an enthusiastic presence and captures the attention and affection of children in her storytelling ability." 
- R. Rotondi

Sarah's Kaleidoscope

Sarah's Kaleidoscope is about a shy monarch butterfly who gets blown away from her kaleidoscope of butterflies and must summon up the courage to ask for help in order to be reunited with her friends.

“Sandra Shosha was a pleasure to have at our school. She is a great author, who is very passionate and excited to present her book to children. She was very engaging and did an excellent job presenting her colourful book. She also had art work for the children to colour afterwards, which kept the children even more engaged. I’m looking forward to having her back with her next book.” 
- M. Bagazzoli

Spencer's Sunburn

Spencer's Sunburn is about a bumble bee who gets a sunburn after falling asleep on a sunflower and must rely on the knowledge of his friends to help him relieve his burn.


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